The fairy tale with the talking chandelier

All this talking about chandeliers and my previous entries about fairy tales, made me thought of where to find chandeliers in fairy tales? Well, obviously in every palace and castle you read about, even if they are not mention, you imagine them as big and fantastic as you want. What would be a dreamt castle without a chandelier?

Then I remember, in one Disney movie, there was a living chandelier, dancing and discussing and burning people sometimes. Ok, ok, Lumiere was not a pendant lamp, the hanging chandelier I talked about before, full of cristals and sparkles, but it is a chandelier! So I decided to pick that fairytale (although not disney's animators images, but Annie Lebowitz) as the first fairytale to illustrate and mix up a bit with the magic of lighting and chandeliers.

So here it is, The Beauty and the Beast, by Annie Lebowitz, with Drew Barrymore as Beauty.