New Philips led lamp

Hey! Sorry for yesterday's post. I've been a bit sad lately. So sorry. I'll try to make it up to you by talking about a new lamp I found soooo pretty. (no, it's not pink, and not, it doesn't have hearts, stars, o little pretty pink things). It's an A19 retrofixture from Philips.
It is part from the EnduraLED family. It's the EnduraLED A19 (or as their friends call her: EnduraLED 12W 2700K A19 Dimm). It is done with blue LED's and a coat of phosphorus. This acts as a difusser and avoids the multiple shadows, at the same tiem it makes the light warm. This special fixture, can give light all around, making it's ligh resemble that of an incandescent, plus... it just consumes 12 W! Is it amazing, or what?

Right now it costs about 800 mexican pesos, what would be around 70 USD (price here in Mexico), but Philips said that in about 5 years, prices will be reduced to match CFL's! Isn't that great!
There are also other retrofixtures for A19, more for people not to miss completely the form of the old light bulb. They are the EnduraLED 8W 2700K A19 Dimm and the EnduraLED 7W 2700K A19 Dimm