Time for choosing

It's time for choosing here in Mexico. A year for choices. And I am not talking just about my life, choosing whether to stick to my dream and try to have a lighting design office of my own and light up places for people, improving their environment and also their emotions, the way they make their daily activities, their health... make a change in their lives ( I know, it's a huge dream, almost unreachable, but it's my dream) or choosing to get into any office to perform a job as... well... as anything they ask me to be, for a monthly payment and promisses of... well, it doesn't matter, they always make you promisses, even if those are not accomplised.

This is a year of choices in Mexico, political choices, social movements, confrontations, demands... Choose your candidate, choose your party, choose to vote, choose to believe what they are saying, choose to watch TV and believe TV, choose to believe FB and the little blue bird, choose to be part of it, choose to support it, choose to be against it, choose not to care...choose, choose, choose. Lots of things to choose.

Right now I've chosen to wish. On June 1 I'll make a choise in a poll, but today... today I choose to dream. I want to dream a better future for my country, so I'll wish... stuff. I'll write down, as in a wish list the things I would like for my country, a list of things I think  would help.

1. Let's pay more attention to the countryside. Let's pay more attention to farmers and gain the control of our lands and food again. There are guys in universities that study agriculture, let them help! Let's learn again the old lessons we have forgotten, be organic, produce more, produce in a healthy way, and may the earnings of these products be for the farmers who spend their days taking care of the land and all their products.
2. Let's make that a fair payment. Not just for farmers, but for everyone. How can a salesperson earn much more than the creator of the piece? How can a waitress earn more than an engineer who spent years studying and spends more than 8 hours in the office? How can a cleaning lady survive with what she is paid?
3. Talking about living, let's improve the quality of living for everyone. Good appartments or houses, reasonable prices, good living conditions. Better design, better problem solving and not just more money for the investors. Regulations and checking those regulations to be accomplished.
4. Good food. Encourage people to eat well, and rise the taxes to all those things that may cause sickness. Cigarrettes, alcohol, junk food, even chains of junk food.
5. Encourage development in the country. There are fantastic brains that lack support. Researchers, inventors, designers, anything that are not supported, that just don't fit in the box. Support them!!!!
6. Improve our roads. Both for cards and pedestrians and decent and affordable places for people to live in.
7. Take care of garbage. Recycle! Take care of garbage! All kind of garbage. Separation into all the different categories available, incluiding making compost, using kitchen oil for making fuel, and dog crap as fertilizer.
8. People needs to rest. Fantastic the tourism campaigns, but they don't work if people is all stressed up and has no time to stop working! Let's have 2 1/2 days off in a row so one ca discover your own country!
9. Let's improve education. Please! improve the quality of the education and don't let everyone pass just because. People has to learn how to think, not just data.
10. Better use of our natural resources, green technologies, better design...all that stuff.

Those are the things I wish for Mexico.

Maybe 1 day... you never know.