Not so happy ending

Let's continue talking about fairy tales, princesses, and modified stories. Why not talking about the happy endings in Disney's fairy tales. They are awsome... and sooo cute... but also so fantastic and false. Happy endings do no exist.
And there is a photographer that knows this and wants to show her version of alternative endings of all these princesses.
Her name is Dina Goldstein, and she has a photographic serie called "Fallen princesses" which has been quite a success having it's own webpage and finding her in site in which is blogged about fairy tales or princesses.
It has also been a bit controversial because of the title, as having cancer is not fairly compared to being a makeup surgery addict and both under the word of fallen. It is also been quite commented Jazmin's role in the pic as she's been portrait as a warrior, just because of her skin, or origins. And talking about beauty and snow white, both could have had different endings taking into consideration the stories they came from.
Hope this pics make u think a bit about princesses, racism, first impressions, and happy endings.
Here are her pics.