I've just seen the movie today... and I loved it.

Although not because of my love all the comments towards it will be beautiful.

I must say I am impressed by the animation. It is done in such a way that you could actually feel the grass under your feet, the water, the fur of the bunny, the hair of the girl, or the water drops on the faces of the protagonists.

My favorite scene involves water and destruction, as the way the sun is hitting all that mass of water, the reflections and the daylight are almost perfect for me. I also liked a lot the way in which they could represent daylight, so you could know if not the place on Earth in which the story took place, at least the time of the day, and maybe season of the year.

The way light was understood as for showing the night not as dark and black nor blue and cold, but in a friendly way, such as the light you can see in a summer night when taking a peaceful walk in the city, or the town you are visiting.

The lamp scene was quite similar to the tradition Lalita, a Thai friend from KTH, described as her favorite lamp in one of the first lectures in KTH ALD. So, besides it was really well done, I could give it a bigger meaning that made me like it even more.

I think, talking about lighting in a movie, it is extremely well done, as most, if not all of Disney's movies. Although... somehow... I still think there are some characteristics that can be found in all Disney's movies, and I don't know if it is the lighting, the image composition, the kind of camera, the colors used, or what.

Well, now let's talk about the story, let's talk about Disney and the story of Rapunzel. I declare myself as a Disney products lover, I totally am... or maybe I was. I love fairy tales, but I hate how Disney has been manipulating them and now the stories that we know are the ones Disney brought us. Snow White died because of an apple, and nobody knows at least about the comb, not to mention the dwarfs got names. Cinderella has a godmother and the help of lots of animals, and her sisters are so ugly and dumb, as if there was no way they could be mean and pretty, and of course, nobody knows about her mother's tumb and she crying over it. (Didn't did I until lately I read "Random Thoughts of a Crazy Liberal" Blog in the part in which she talks about fairy tales.) The Little Mermaid is called Ariel and actually lives happily ever after with Eric instead of dying for love and becoming sea foam. And now... now Rapunzel's story is not just slightly changed, but totally changed and it'll be lost forever and the one that will be taken for granted will be Disney's!

I think I haven't read the real one, but... the one I have always know doesn't involve not the sun, not a flower, and she is not a princess... at least not at the beginning of the story. In the story I know she is called Rapunzel, because her mother wants rapuns, which I don't know in which language were supposed to mean sweet radishes from the garden of the witch living next door. When the with found out that they were stealing her radishes, she wanted the girl in change, and got it, and named her Rapunzel. Here beauty, youth and a lady that wanted to remain young forever were not the reason the witch had Rapunzel, and yes, she was a witch, not just an old lady trying to be young forever. And... well... changing the beginning, you can imagine the whole history is completely changed. I liked the story, I loved the movie, but I definitley stay with the original version.