Black Swan

Today I saw a great movie called Black Swan, with one of my favorite actresses as the protagonist: Natalie Portman, with the beautiful and joyful Mila Kunis, and Vincent Cassel as the teacher. I went to see it with my sister, so I had a bit of a different vision of it, as she had to diagnose the girl for a school paper (she is studying psychology), and between ilusions, psychosis, OCT, great close ups that could tell you the story even if you only saw parts of the general scene, and such a beautiful music you could get lost in it and sense the general feeling of the movie.

At the beginning, I thought the lighting was not so good, as there was nothing "special" but as the movie went on, I realised it was actually really good. It was not the protagonist at all, and it made you feel the real place. It also contributed with the suspense, being dark and made you feel it even more, being real. O liked the lighting. It was not pretencious, it didn't seem as if it was trying to make the protagonists look better or worse, and it was... real.

I can just say, go watch the movie if you haven't watched it yet, it's amazing.