I am so happy and relaxed today. I have just had my first experience as an independent freelance... and it's finally over!

It was a complete nigthmare full of abuses of my clients and a project that I thought would take a month took 3! (no more because I decided to finish it as soon as possible). Me, the proffessional, sending them e.mails that were not answered but 3 weeks later, and suddenly having to answer phone calls and e.mails at midnight in which you scheduled last minute appointments to next day, quite far from where u are, and that would end at night, without caring you are a girl, in one of the biggest and most dangerous cities, listening to a spoiled girl who thought she knew everything shouting at you and cry everytime you made what you were paid for (talking about architecture and design, giving advices, explaining stuff), and finally, they ask you to give them for a minimal amount of money more than you had told them, and when you don't want to, and explain them why, they just tell you, two days before the final delivery, they are not interested anymore in what you agreed months back, so you are not getting your money.

I think it is important to hae a lesson at school about working on your own, treating clients, and stablishing limits, so... the next post, for keeping them short, will be about dos and don'ts when beeing a freelance in the design business. Things I would have liked to know and now I won't forget.