I spent my day from store to store, from shopping mall to shopping mall, from furniture store, to furniture store. Unluckily, it was not for buying me some pre-birthday stuff. Not this time.

I was walking the whole day looking for the final details of a project, that i want it to be amazing, even if i'm not let do my job.

Anyways, I felt really happy today when I saw a turqoise glass bird. I had seen it before. It was not a common bird, though. It was a wonderful glass bird that brought as a secret lots of memories and good times. Even though I would have loved to buy it, it was tooo expensive for me (maybe in some years things change).

It was Matti Klenell's bird. An amazing two piece glass bird that could keep your must valuable secret inside it.

During my studies at KTH, Matti went there to give a lecture and to see our lamp presentations. I must say it was great. His lecture was inspiring and amazing, and he seems a great, simple, and happy guy, just like his designs. No pretentious at all, but amazingly simple and amazingly beautiful.

I loved his birds, specially this one that gave a magic moment in the middle of a busy day.