Deep into light

These weeks I haven't been able to write. I've found myself very busy trying to manage time for thinking a bit about something worth writing and writing it down. This week I've been working, having family issues (like my dad getting sick), issues with an almost ghostly bf, researching about the printing of my thesis and checking it so I can send it to the publishing place and get it before I leave.

Lots of stuff, lots and lots of stuff to do and nothing done yet. But among all these things, I realised how important it is to be immersed into the lighting world, or the world you love if you are not into light and learn little by little, even if you think you are not doing anything important.

I realised this fact these last days. Last week I talked to an aunt who is an architect as well, but she is very into restaurantion and conservation of historical buildings. She also builds some appartments on her own. I was talking to her about light and luminaries. She told me I should do not just something on lighting but do something on electrical stuff and so on. She didn't understand the importance of lighting design and light in space, at least not as something special and besides design and technical stuff.

This week, talking to my bf, another architect, he was trying to understand gow much electricity could be saved by using leds instead of fluorescents. I could give her some numbers, and I did, comparing the wattage of a cfl and a retrofixture with leds, but that wasn't enough. Sometimes, it doesn't matter one single lamp, but the design and the luminaries used in the whole place. Maybe not flooding it with light, but have enough light as for creating a nice atmopshere suitable for the things done in that place. Maybe it's not using another lamp, but a suitable lighting design for the whole place!

I think it is important to be deep into the things you like. Months ago, when I was not working nor thinking about it, I would have never answered these questions or even realized people didn't understand light was important for a place and a good design would save you lots of money. Well, I would have realised this, but not thougght it was the opinion of architects.

So the only thing I've got to say is get deep into the things you like, and, if you have the chance... talk about it.