Hungry for your touch

This is a photograph from the great Czech Jan Saudek (one of my favorite photographers) called "Hungry for your touch". I have it as wallpaper in my lap. I took it off when I wen to Sweden, thinking it would be a bit too painful to have this pic when my family and bf were in the other side of the world. Nevertheless, after a while I put it again, as I think it's so beautiful, poetic and inspiring.
Yesterday, back at home since long, I was thinking in the touch, in how much I wanted, needed to be touched and how little we touch people. I'm not talking about being touched as when you are with your bf, but... being touched. I love touching people, and I'm always doing it. I hug a lot, am always bothering my parents and sister, going over them, crushing them, kind of choking them with love, hahaha, but... it's not common.
Sometimes I feel i need to be touched, and I thik people all around the world feel the same from time to time. I'm not talking about hugs and kisses, but a hand in the shoulder, the kiss in the forehead, or just a small touch saying "I care about you".

A big hug,

Ps. Check Jan Saudek's pics, his manage of light and color, and concept... well... he's just amazing.