Annelie Sundin

This is the great designer, who also happens to be cute, funny,
amazing and extremely talented.

I'll begin a new section of my blog talking about young designers with a dear friend of mine, who happens to be Swedish and who kindly host me at her home for some nights. (Thanks, Annelie!).
Her name is Annelie Sundin and I shall declare myself a fan of her work. To my eyes, she is a great product designer, and I do love her products.
A few months ago, she had an exhibition along with two other friends in Stockholm called Metamorphoses. In there she presented some of her bowls and lamps. There is a good thing about her lamps, she is not just a product designer, but a lighting designer, so she creates not just pretty lamps, but she actually knows what she is doing and what she wants to achieve with light.
It's not me the only one recognizing how good she is, as she has just been published in a Swedish magazine called Vårt Nya Hem, in which she describes her work as geometric minimalism.
Her pieces are simple, based on geometry, but with that little of magic that makes them special.
I leave you with some of her products and the link of the website if you want more information.