Colors in Järna

Järna is located in the south of Stockholm. I went there once while studying at KTH to a lecture about colors. It was a gray and rainy day, so I guess it was around November, and I also remember I was all in red. There is a video by Andika Pradana about our visit. It was amazing their vision about color and how it could improve our health and livez,  their words about Goeth and their color theory (still looking for the book, if anyone knows where can i buy it, in English, or Spanish, please tell me). I think it was amazing, although a pitty it was such a gray day and the books were in Swedish :( (I love buying stuff of the places I go to, if I'm interested, specially books).
Nevertheless, I had the opportunity of visiting it this time I went back to Sweden, and it was the most amazing experience. I have to confess that before presenting my thesis, I was feeling really full of energy and happy and super active, and... well... amazing! But that day... That was an awsome day.
I went with Annelie to Järna. She drove, we couldn't find the signs, we finally found them and got to the place. It seemed it open just for us!
Oh!, I've got to tell you that there is an exhibition in Järna right now named See! Colour! that is mostly about color, as you can see by the name. I had two favorite parts, the ones of experiments, where you could play and understand light and color, and natural phenomena by touching and playing with all the stuff. The other part... were the installations by James Turrell.
OMG! Have you seen Turrell's work? if you haven't, I strongly recommend you to go. Most of his installations left me as... when you are doing yoga, after meditation, that amazing feeling of being there but not being there, or time not existing, so happy and calmed, and so... light and amazed... Others were just as being inside a dream. It was an awsome experience.
Anyways, if you have the chance of going, please... go! It's an amazing experience, once in a lifetime.
At night we stayed for the lights show in the Skyspace. Trully amazing. The only problem was that it finished quite late and I was dying for a toilet, but we met two guys from a business program who were living near and let me used the toilet of their residence. Really nice the guys!
We returned wuite late, but the experience was amazing! Absolutely amazing! If you've got the opportunity to go, please, do it, but remember to pack lunch first, because there are no many options in there.
hugs and kisses!!!
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