Finally a Master!!!!

I haven't written for so long... So sorry, dear blog I abandoned you for some weeks. I've been bussy, really bussy, either preparing my trip, either enjoying it and too tired as for writting something. But now, back home, I can do write again.

So... good news: I am a MSc ALD Arch, which means... I'm a Master in Science in Architectural Lighting Design Architect. Isn't that just amazing???? I'm so happy about it.

It was a huge trip, in which I learnt lots of things, not just about light, but about traveling, and a lot about me. I'll write about the lesson learnt each day, if possible, in my next posts.

For now, I can just say I am happy, really happy, and somehow I feel so... different and at a time just the same. I feel more peacefull and light but full at the same time. I feel I've taken the right path and I like it. I feel special and so normal. I like this, I like it a lot.

What have I learnt?

Feelings are important, and if able to provoke them with lighting design, what could be best?
Dream, dream a lot, unreacheable dreams... and reach them, and then... keep dreaming, everytime more and more, higher and higher every time. (You'll feel fantastic about it, just amazing)