It's still rainning out there. At night, at noon, in the morning, or when it's completely dark and you are sleeping, the sound of raindrops falling on the earth and giving you as a present that smell you love, or the sound of their noisy landing in the windows, like the sweetest song.
I'm loving rain.
Two days ago I was listening at the office a conversation about how they cheated on their representation techniques class by printing in fabriano, and then adding some water to create the perfect and instant watercolor drawing. I must confess I never thought about that, and never really understood how to do a good watercolor. I ran away from those lectures, I just... I didn't understand my  how to do it, and never did it very well, just... well... when you used a marker, water and a brush, but just that way.
Nevertheless, today, losing my time on internet, I saw a site that made me wish to know how to pain with aquarelles. These watercolors were painted by Grzegorz Wróbel and are just amazing!
Here are some so you can enjoy:

I love cities and I have never seen an acuarelle of a city. I loved this ones. As for the light, well, I think the paintor could capture the real moment of each scene, not just for the objects in the image, but  for the light and the colors he uses to show everything. The blue shadows and not black, and how can you recognise what time of day is it. That is a real light observer. He's not looking merely at forms, but at light and how it reflects on objects. Once I read everyone could draw, but it was more a matter of seeing what you wanted to draw rather than drawing what you thought you saw.

I would love to make some aquarelles... maybe... maybe I'll try... soon... or maybe just ink with water, who knows? but i'll do something.