The Beaver

It seems rain will never stop, at least not this summer. I have never been really fond of summer, at least not like normal summers. Something always happens, it's a transition period for me in which i lose something, in order to gain something, I guess, but I never know what I'm gainning.
I bet the only great thing about summer are movies. There are lots of movies, specially movies for children, although not the only ones, and I love going to the cinema and forgetting myself for a couple of hours, in the middle of the dark, where nobody cares if my hair is perfect or I'm just a mess. Where you are taken to another world and are thinking about different things that your usual, or where you can cry as you relate what's happening in there to an idea fixed in your head.

Today I went to the movies. Rain was hitting my sister and me since we left home since we get to the movie theatre. There were even small ice rocks!

Anyways, we finally got there, and could see "The Beaver", a strong movie in which Mel Gibson is a sad, lonely and depressed man, who once was great and now he cannot do anything but sleep. His wife cannot stand this anymore so he leaves, and buys liquor in the way. To keep the alcohol in the trunk he throws everything he's got in there to a huge trash container, but sees a beaver and decides to keep it. This is the beaver that is saving his life.

My sister made me notice that it was not really the beaver, but some instinct deep inside him, the one who made him create the beaver and get rid of it, to live.

I found this movie fascinating. I cried most part of it. It's about a man, and dreams, and being yourself, and fighting for being happy, and never giving up, and never thinking it's fine and that's the way it should be if you are not fine with what's going around. It tells you that everything depends on you. You can decide. It's your choice to live or to die, even when you continue breathing.

I liked a lot this movie. Mmm... what can I tell about the lighting? Good photography, not impressive lighting, but very well done. I mean, not full of colors or fancy places with great lighting design, but the movie... well, it had this calmed light. This light that makes you see everything in pastels, and tells you family stuff, drama movie. Every kind of movie has it's own kind of lighting, it's a way of putting you in the mood, of telling you how to feel. This kind of lighting in a terror movie would be a great mistake!

Hope you enjoy summer, I'll keep looking for a way of dealing with farewells, and rainy days and summer.

Lots of love,