The world in Pictures

I bet this will be a year for watchin pictures... at least for me. I was lucky enough as for finding great photography exhibition in the Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm, in the Moderna Museet, also Stockholm, and today in The Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico city.

The exhibition in the fotografiska museet of Albert Watson was simply delicious. The use of light and the right apperture for getting all the details, and dimissing others was simply amazing. The way full of black humor and a different point of view of known people and different images made us think and conveyed a more complex message, or maybe a simple message in a more complex way.

According to Maria Patomella, the curator of the exhibition, Albert Watson is one of the greatest in history. She says Watson's philosophy for portraits was: “The bigger the personality, the simpler the photo.” I find that really interesting. When something is really strong, you need to ad little things, or none, as you don't need them for enhancing anything, nor for hiding anything or building a story around the subject, as the story is already in there.

Albert Watson. Shoe.

Today I went to Franz Mayer museum in Mexico city, it's much of a museum of design, in which exhibitions are constantly changed, so I lost some good ones I wanted to see. Nevertheless, I finally went today and it was amazing. Among other things, I could see the World Press Photo 11 exhibition. It was heartbreaking, tears coming from my eyes, and really strange. Amazing photographies, really amazing. The use of light, and aperture was fantastic and the composition, well... they just found the right moment, the perfect composition, and shot. Too beautiful to be true, even the images were heart breaking and I could never imagine myself taking those pictures without feeling a knot in my throat, or something in my stomach. Nevertheless, I loved them. They had magic. I have always thougth that a good photography is 50% light, 50% composition, and it should have an extra something called magic, that something that can move you and make you feel something. Without this extra something, well... it's just any other picture for any other family album.
One thing that I realised, was that this time, the pictures hurt more, as, reading the places they came from, I could relate to them more easily. Now every place in the world has a name and a face, and i relate this pictures with those names and faces, and... sometimes it hurts even more,
Anyways, the exhibition is fantastic, if you can, please go, if not, check out this link and read each story: http://www.worldpressphoto.org/index.php?option=com_photogallery&task=blogsection&id=21&Itemid=292
So... what's your opinion about it?
Unfortunately i cannot put any image in here, but check out the link. amazing.

Lots of love!