SW... today

Today I went to the movies with my sister. We were between the Avengers and Mirror, Mirror. We ended up watching Mirror Mirror, which was a fantastic idea as I am obsessed with Snow White and my sister knows nothing about the super heroes.

I laughed a lot at the movie and LOVED Julia Roberts. I think she is fantastic and her character is so... mean but real, and also so cartoonish. I loved her. But... the movie not so much.

I was so sad and disappointed the apple had not an important role when the apple is crucial in every story and you basically identify Snow White not so much because of the queen, Snow White or the Dwarfs, but because of the apple...

I loved that Snow White was strong and independent without stopping to be a pretty princess. Her clothes were great all the time, and it was fantastic that she was wearing pants, but... why should she get spanked in a fight? I mean, when a dwarf spanked her, in her big dress was really different than when the prince spanked her. In the fight with the prince, it was something more sexual. He spanked her because he liked her, because she was a girl, not because they were training, or really fighting and that was part of a fight. It was more a sexist game which I didn't like at all and didn't get. Why do they paint her as a strong innocent teenager but have this little details like the spanking or the strawberry lips?

Also that, the kiss. Why should the dwarf make her look pretty, with her strawberry lips and hair in a pony tail? She was pretty and ready for her kiss. And sitting in his legs? I wasn't watching the strong Snow White today, but a teenageliving her life and kissing a boy... sitting on his lap. Any teen sitting on the lap of any boy.  Disappointing.

Oh, just two more things.I hated the song at the end and the girl wasn't my favorite for being Snow White.

I think those were my major complaints.

On the possitive side, Julia Roberts, in both roles was amazing. It was a funny and simple movie. I laughed a lot. And it was a colorful and bright movie. I would have gone with all white, and more european references rather than American, but it was nice and fun, and I loved that the queen had HER color (gold). I loved all the clothings, the parties, the beauty treatment (the bees made me laugh)...

I love the colors, the scenography, the clothings and the photography of the picture.

Watch it. You'll have a good time.

Hugs and kisses,