Back to the writing

It's been a while since last time I post. I think I wasn't feeling ready.

Some things have been happening, maybe not lots of things, but I have thought about lots of things and realise many others. I'm not saying I'm over with that, I'm just saying I feel ready to come back to write my blg again. No huge efforts, not trying to do something so amazing I would never be able to do because it will never be good enough... even if it is. I will just write. About what? Things I love, things I learn, things that happen and make an impact in my life... just things.

I mean, this blog is entitled light, love, life, so... it's fine for me to write about light, about love, any kind of love, and life, specially my life as I know better about my life than anybody's else.

Ok. I think before I begin writing about my everyday life from now on, I should write about what has happened over the last months.

On December I was fired from LUA. I wanted to quit, it was... it didn't agree with my values and concerns as a lighting designer and an employee with a lighting master degree...but I didn't, I decided to try to control myself and keep in there at least until the first 3 months, but I got fired 10 days after the second month because "I didn't fit in the team" and even though I "contributed more than some other that had been there for much more time than me" I "was not like them" and that they preferred to hire someone "that knew nothing but could be given to my boss for him to mold him as he wanted". And I got happy for leaving but upset at the same time because they were firing me for having knowledge, not experience (also said that), and not being like everyone else (light was for me a passion, not just another architecture job). It was hard for me to get over it.

January was fine, but I got sick. Half my body got swollen and moving hurt, lying hurt, sitting hurt... everything hurt. Doctor said it was stress. (stress?) It was also sales time so I went shopping.

My birthday was in February. It was nice and calmed. Not a party, not a big deal. Rainy day in Mongo with family and bf. No good pics either.

In March I went to Acapulco for a weekend. I needed it. Beach, sun, sand, pools, food, and family of course. We haven't gone on a family vacation for quite a long time. I also met a friend from KTH and his gf. They came to Mexico. She's lovely. He's the same guy I met years ago that made me angry all the time. I loved meeting him again. No pics. (Why don't I have pictures of anything?)

April was slow, but interesting. I was called for making the lighting design of an office, but after giving a quote I was not called back. Still waiting for the call. I lost 2 weeks cleaning my computer and backing it up, and testing with a new program so I could make 40 renders in 2 or 3 weeks for a guy. As soon as he received a program, asked for some lighting advice and asked me for the price of the renders and a lighting project of an office, he never called back. Lesson learnt: don't do anything, nor give simple advice before an advance. You'll just be losing your time and your money. Oh! And good news! I'm doing a lighting project, small, but challenging: A house. (Remodeling project, big challenge). And I met a girl, a luminary salesgirl who's helping me with this and giving me business advices. She's awsome. But I think that would belong to May.

I'm still with Xuxu and he is right now at Xilitla (you should go, you would love it, I'm dying to go there). I miss him. He's coming on Thursday.

And... I bet that was it, more or less, about me, light, love and life.

Hugs and kisses,


PS. I promisse I will take more pics this year!