Swedish design... and a bit of Mx

I love light, that's for sure. And I'm in love with design, nobody can deny we have been having an affair for quite a time, though I wouldn't say I'm meeting with lighting design as often as I want, I'm having my romantic escapades with design in general, architecture, interior, graphic, everything has become such a mix in my head lately... I think I'm finally getting to know a bit of it.
What's the problem? None. Then, what's my problem? Besides the lost and search of my identity and the whirpool of things that have to be organised in my head, I've been drifting away from Scandinavian design, specially Swedish design, and I find that a bit troubling as I fall in love with Stockholm while living in there. I even feel it as home outside home. Oh! I wish I could be back... maybe I'll apply for a lighting design position when I finish whatever I have to do in here.

I remember a store I loved, besides the Moderna museet and Fotografiska's shops, IKEA (obviously) and a couple of stores I found by chance, I loved DesignTorget. Today I'm going over the online store looking at all the new stuff they have and longing for the things I didn't bought when I could (like a phone), and I'm again fallin gin love with the simplicity and beauty of Scandinavian design. I wish I could design something like that, but I know I can't.

Many years ago, when I did my architecture thesis, I stated that Imagination is like a box where you keep all the images you collect during your life, and being from Mexico city, the images I've collected during my life and the way I see the world are quite different from a Swedish girl who's lived in Stockholm most of her life. They grew up with snow, and darkness, and learning to be punctual. I grew up surrounded by flowers and traffic jam, and a sun that would never abandon us for long, and about punctuality... well... there will always pass another bus, or another train, or you can always take a taxi, and people tell you things begin half an hour before. 

During these four years, I've been embracing mexican design and those things that make us unique, but I've forgotten a bit Swedish design, and that je ne sais qua that makes them unique as well, and highly recognizable as Scanndinavian design. 

Here are some objects from DesignTorget and some from Arta Ceramica (Mexico), so you can contrast and compare (as in school). Hope you like them, and, just to close this entrance, I haven't designed any kind of object, not Mexican nor Scandinavian influence, but I hope life takes me into that path soon. 






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