I'm into an interior design project right now, and the user wants a chandelier. Entering to a chandelier stores I discovered some that are ridiculously expensive, so, as a lighting designer, with a mother that knows a bit about crystals and jewlery and as a nice girl who believes in making people happy, I've decided to design one.

But, before beginning with the design, I most know what is a chandelier.
According to wikipedia, a chandelier is "a branched decorative celing mounted light fixture with two or more arms bearing light." As something more, I should say she doesn't want a simple chandelier, just with lots of arms and light sources, but one with lots of cristals, as the sparkle is what makes her love this kind of lamps.

So, may this be an introductory speech on lamps sections, and more specifically: Chandeliers.

Oh, just some more interesting dara from Wikipedia: "The word chandelier appeared ub the English language in the late 14th century, directly frim the 12th century old french word Chandelier, this was a new spelling of the earlier 10th century French word chandelabre which in turn comes from latin Candelbrum from the latin Candela meaning candle."