Hangers and Pegs and Light

I was wondering about lamps made with everyday objects. It seems you can do a lamp with almost anything, or at least that's what many think. Light is not just light and an object is not just an object, and a lamp... well a lamp can be much more than a lamp.

Anyways, I was thinking in the Clothes hanger lamp, sold by Droog and designed by Hector Serrano and decided to search lamps done with these kind of elements for hanging cloths. I found a pendant done with hangers called Light MI and designed by Miriam Zink, which I find extremely beautiful, and two amazing creations done with pegs: the Peglight by David Olschewski and the Lighting Pin by Sungho Lee.

I let you with these four that I found lovely and interesting, even challenging. Enjoy!

Clothes hanger lamp by Hector Serrano

Light MI by Miriam Zink

Peglight by David Olschewski

Lighting Pin by Sungho Lee