Library "Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada"

Yesterday I went downtown with my dad, and it was such a sunny and beautiful day and I had such a good time. I rarely go downtown, and it's not because I live in the suburbs, but because it is usually full of people and noise and... too much life... and if I have no reason for going, then I don't.
Oh, I live in Mexico city, one of the biggest cities in the world, full of life and chaos everywhere, so there's  no need to travel a lot to find it, and you find yourself or accepting it, or trying to avoid it. We usually call this caothic but amazingly beautiful zone full of people and places,and history, and surprises around every corner, and mavelous buildings and stories... "el centro".
So Yesterday I went to "el centro" with my dad and walked for almost 5 hours without rest, and I found a building I liked, as it was a bit different from the rest having a small square in front of it, and being really old. I thought it was a church as it looked like one, but no, it wasn't. My dad told me it was a library, very beautiful in the inside, so I told him: "oh, please, let's go inside! Just for a little while!" So we went inside and I was astonished: an explosion of colors in the walls, really well lit from above, (daylight and artificial light, amazing!) and so well cared, and the floors were so pretty!

Name: Biblioteca Miguel Lerdo de Tejada
Adress: República de El Salvador 49,
            Centro Histórico. C.P. 06080
            Delegación Cuauhtémoc
Tel: 3688 98 37 y 3688 98 33

Contact: biblioteca_lerdo@hacienda.gob.mx
Link: http://www.hacienda.gob.mx/cultura/museo_virtual_biblioteca_lerdo/index.htm

Next time, I'll definitely take my camera for some pics of mine (this pics were from flickr) and I will absolutely stay much more time than this.

Hugs and kisses and a lovely weekend!!!!