Winged light

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with luminaries. I just find amazing how many ways of taking light to people might be, and with so many subjects, and each lamp gicing you something extra special in it, so you can say: "OMG! I love it! I absolutely want to buy one!"
Today my inspiration were birds. Not just because I listen to them every morning through my window, or because I love how fragile and strong they can be at the same time (I love fagile stuff) but because I realised they have served as an inspiration for many people with different backgrounds.
First, although they are not lamps, I have to mention Mati Klenell's birds for Iittala(yes, again).

Now, let's begin with the light.

I saw this lamp that looks so pretty. It is from Swedish Hommin, designed by Hung Ming Chen and it's perfect for not leaving a naked light bulb.
The next one is a Mexican lamp from Eos Studio, called Wirebird. that I found so simple and so pretty at the same time. Check it out.
An why not talking about one of the greatest lamp designers (I love his luminaries) called Ingo Maurer, who used the birds as a theme for several lamps such as
Birds, birds, birds

and Birdie's nest

And mixing these two ideas, the simple, yet beautiful lamps by Chinese Zhili Liu, among which we can find:


and Doves

I have found all these lamps so beautiful and simple. I can say these are the most beautiful and inspiring bird lamps I have found on the web. Hope you enjoy these birds as much as I did.

hugs and kisses!!!!