Light me a light

Lately I have been doing something I shouldn't be doing, cause it makes me sad and confused: I've been watching news.

I look all around me, and listen to stories about my country, I receive mails telling me how to protect against being kidnapped or robbed, I turn on the TV and see news such as revolutions and protests and disasters all around the world.

A year ago, when a friend was leaving, I gave her a candle light, small and yellow. I also gave her a chocolate I took from Mexico, and a small letter. The letter was to tell her I missed her. The chocolate to sweaten her life, and the candle light to light her way, to brighten her future. A nice metaphore for wishing her all the best now that we would come appart and who knows when would we be meeting again.

A candle, a light. So many things to be said with a single light surviving and giding us on the darkest nights, in the darkest moments, just a single and tiny light to have hope and trust in the future.

I want to see that light. I'm tired of so many sadness in the world. What is happening? I wish there could be a light, a light we could all see that anounces us a better world, a better future, the so desired happy ending. I guess it would be nice if we could all, just turn on a light.

I leave you a poem I love from Barak Al'Mondia: Light

Light me a light any kind of light,
Just shine its beam into my darkest night,
For like a child I stay up in fright,
So light me a light any light tonight.

Candlelight, moonlight any light is just right,
For in that light I might find my might!
Don’t sing me a song, don’t hold me tight,
Just light me a light, any light tonight.

Light me a light to assist my sight,
Just my naked eye darkness cannot fight,
So before darkness gets a chance to bite,
Light me a light any kind of light.

Flickering, glaring or outright bright,
I don’t care what kind just light me a light,
All I need is darkness away tonight,
So light me a light any kind of light.

so... please, light me a light, any kind of light. Light the world a light... any kind of light.

hugs and kisses,