Lamp inspiration

There is an event on Thursday called "Diseño para llevar" in a bar called Drakma, in Mexico city, and I was invited as lamp designer. I am so excited about it!
There will be other designers at the event and it's supposed to be like a party-gallery-store-showroom. I haven't gone to an event like this before, and now, I'm in the middle of it!
Last year, exactly a year ago, I was designing lamps, a lamp for being more precise, and I did something called Kaleidoscopical lies, which I eventually loved and pretend to take it to real life as soon as possible. But let's talk about nowadays, when this event is happening and I got to design some lamps. I made some, but i finally didn't like them, so I decided to make some more and I was feeling completly lost looking for some inspiration. I did what a friend told me, that was something like don't think it so much, just do what you feel, and... I ended up doing it.
So, my inspiration changed completely to create my first Collection (hope I can call them that way) of lamps, that will be called: Spring, as it was what inspired me.
Oh, one more thin, I put myself the challenge to use paper as main material and as less glue and other objects as possible!
I don't have the lamps done yet, but I can leave you with my inspiration: