Lamp making

Flowers, flowers, flowers and... oh, yes... flowers. Nothing else I can think about. And no, I'm not becoming a gardener as every living stuff my hands touch somehow dies (still with the trauma that every bean plant I planted just died, or never grew). And yes, I'm still very much into lighting and this is what it is all about.
Some of my lamps are using flowers, so I am making them, just like the ones in the pic. It's been a whole day cutting, folding, cutting, unfolding, cutting, pasting, pinching... and my little hands hurt soooooo much!!!
The good thing about it, is that I had time again for checking out blogs (I've become a blog reader, and follower, and there are some that I love so much sometimes and I post into facebook) and getting more inspiration. Not for designing new lamps as the ones I am making are enought for now, but for continuing working, inspired by works so well done... or by inspired people, or by inspired ideas.
So this was just a post saying... i'm still working! Really inspired... really happy and excited as my thesis is done...
I think life is pretty, weather is warm, the breeze is amazing and things are flowing!
so... let's follow the flow...

hugs and kisses!!!