Light, life and fast food.

I haven't written for a loooong time, a week or so, I guess, but I have been so busy these days!
Last week, I spent most of the week doing paper lamps for the exhibit on Thursday. I think that the most successful one was one completely made of flowers. It took a lot of time, but was quite pretty. When I have a decent pic I'll post it, promisse. (I didn't take my camera, so I just have iphone pics).
It was a great night. A big party with lots of people watching the different designs. This was done by Adlai Pulido, who is trying to make people know designers and their designs, putting them in attractive environments, such as parties!
The weekend was not so exciting, but on Monday I began working in Sáas, a Lighting Design office here in Mexico, and the project I'm in is... Mc Donald's lighting! It's amazing how it has changed it's image, at least the stablishments all over the world!

So Mexico cannot be left behind and is also changing the McDonalds interior design and its lighting.
While I was making the research, I wondered if it was right going into this project, when I don't like McDonald's at all. In Stockholm I ate one burger that i remember, and here in Mexico, I haven't eaten McDonald's in 10 years!
On Tuesday I went to a McDonald's and could get into everywhere! Employees room, ceiling, kitchen, even the huge refrigerator who reminded me so much of Sweden (because of the deliciously freezing cold)! And well... making a project is so exciting... so I decided I will keep doing the project, even though i will never eat in a McDonald's... ok, i might try something in a McCafé...

I just leave you with the link of the movie called Super-Size me... about McDonald's food...

Hugs and kisses!!!!