Saturday Morning

So here I am. Saturday morning, laying over my coach, watching fashion blogs (fashion pics, in fact) and posting them to facebook. Also checking facebook, and trying to find a life in the middle of all this mess.
I'm kind of working in a kind of propossal for the lighting of a facade in which my bf is involved. Always involved in something that will let him with no time for me, even trying to do what I am supposed to do.
My parents are out in a baptise, my sister is so tired as she went clubing last night and I... am just in here. I wished so much to go out with friends, clubing and so on... but let's face it, I'm not able to do that. I don't drink, I have never been a club girl, when i went out on Sweden I couldn't walk for the entire weekend... but I do feel I need something more. I need new stuff in my life. I got  anew job, but we are just 3 in the office, counting me, sometimes 4, sometimes just 2... On Monday there will be hold some lighting talks, to which I'm not going due to lack of money...
I think this is just not the day for me.
On the other hand, I'm enjoying so much the flowers and purple trees in here. The weather is amazing and I might be traveling soon again.
I think I just need some emotion in my life. Just some emotion to make me happy.